Here at Signs of Significance, we break up our process into 6 categories: Consultation, Design, Permitting, Fabrication/Production, Installation, Service/Repair.


When first discussing a sign project with a client there are a few things needed to get started. We start the process by asking our clients questions about the type of signage. Many clients aren’t sure of the nomenclature of signage so we ask about the goal their signage will be used to achieve. We will take a trip out to our clients business or location to perform a site survey. This allows us to get an idea of what we’re working with. We get pictures and measurements which are needed for some of the steps moving forward like design and permitting. There are many ways to build a sign, so we ask our clients for a budget they are looking to stay within. This gives us an idea of what materials should be used and how the sign should be built. We also offer our clinets design consultations in which we can sit down and discuss what our client envisions. This brings us to our next step in the process.


We have graphic designers to help our clients with all design needs. Our designers use Adobe software like Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop to create unique and creative signs of all kinds. We can also help with general graphic design by creating a logo for clients with a new business or rebrand. During our process we always provide clients with quotes and proofs to show what we have come up with. We always want to make sure our clients are 100 percent satisfied with the look and feel of their new sign before we move into production.


Signs to be installed outside will almost always need to be permitted and approved by the city or county the sign resides in. Signs of Significance works closely with all of the municipalities around the Greater Atlanta Area. We pride ourselves in knowing the ordinances and codes that signs must adhere to. Permitting can often be a hassle for someone who doesn’t do so on a regular basis. We make the entire process easier by handling all aspects of permitting for our clients. We will get your sign permitted swiftly and smoothly so we can move forward with getting your businesses sign installed.

Fabrication & Production

During the fabrication stage we take the sign designs created in previous steps and turn them into reality. The production stage of our process can vary in length depending on the type of sign being created. Some signs can be made in a day while others can take weeks. We focus on a sign being produced in timely manner, while also making sure the quality of our work is top notch. Signs of Significance has many great vendors and partners that help us get you the best product out there.


Gone are the days of cardboard and plastic squares that get litter our roadways. We will construct a piece of signage that is made from premium components with cutting edge printing technology and techniques by our professional sign team. The customization options are limitless, and we offer signage that can be mounted indoors or outdoors. Consider what you are trying to promote, who your targeted audience is, whether you want to have illumination, and countless other factors and we will help you find just the right sign fit.

Service & Repair

Lastly, we can help if your sign has stopped working or looking like it is supposed to. Whether it be an older sign that has been in the elements for years or a loose wire, we can diagnose the problem and get it fixed. Many older signs use outdated or inefficient technologies, we can retrofit those older signs with new technology. A common case is the use of florescent light bulbs. Newer signs use LEDs as a lighting source. LEDs are more energy efficient and last longer. We can retro-fit fluorescent lighting systems with LEDs to save you money, and cut costs on future repairs.