Lobby Signs

Lobby signs come in many different shapes and sizes. You have a few categories to choose from when deciding what type of lobby sign you want.

  • Panel Lobby Signs

    Panel lobby signs are a piece of acrylic mounted to the wall. We typically use ¼” acrylic for the panel and you can choose different colors like white, black, red, blue and yellow. You can also have clear or some specialty options like frosted or smoked.

    Digital print vinyl is applied to the face of the panel for the graphic, logo, message or image. You can also apply the graphic to the second surface, which is on the backside of the panel facing forwards. A clear panel is needed for a second surface graphic.

    The panel is mounted to the wall using standoffs or a z-clip. Standoffs consist of two parts, a barrel which is mounted to the wall and a cap which screws onto the barrel. The panel is hung between the cap and the barrel. You can get the barrels in different lengths and diameters, and the caps also match the diameter of the barrel. Standoffs also come in different metals like aluminum or stainless steel, different colors and shapes. If you don’t want to see what is holding your sign to the wall you can use a z-clip to keep the mounting hardware hidden.

  • Dimensional Lobby Signs

    Dimensional lobby signs are routed substrates like metal or acrylic. They are routed into logos and letters which are mounted to the wall. The metal or acrylic can be painted to match your brand. The letters can be mounted with studs or tape depending on the size of the letters. Flush studs and tape will keep the letters close to the wall while studs with standoffs can add space between the letters and the wall. The substrates come in different thicknesses for your desired look.

  • Lit Lobby signs

    You may also want to add some light to your lobby sign. Typically, a lobby sign is reverse lit, also called halo lit, where the light shines from the letter back onto the wall. A lit lobby sign is made with fabricated metal and lit with LED lights. Wiring is required to run from behind the wall to the letters.

  • A combination of the above

    Sometimes the answer for your lobby sign isn’t so cut and dry, you may like certain aspects of a couple options from the above. For panel lobby signs you may want to add dimensional letters to the panel instead of using vinyl. We do that by using tape or studs just like mounting to the wall but this time they are mounted to the panel and hung with standoffs. You may want to light just a portion of your lobby sign like the logo but want to go with dimensional letters for the rest. All of the signs we make are custom and unique, so if these four categories aren’t what you are looking for, keep in mind that we can make a sign that fits your vision.

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