Monument, Pylon, & Ground Signs

Signs Of Significance is your one stop shop for all kinds of signage including all types of ground signs.

Ground Signs are a signage classification covering many types of signs. Generally, Ground signs are permanently affixed signs which are wholly independent of a building for support. A Ground Sign is supported by either a continuous pedestal along its entire width or by one or two posts. They can be electrical or non-electrical, internally or externally illuminated or non-illuminated.

  • Monument Sign

    A freestanding sign that is detached from a building and having a support solid-appearing base structure constructed of a permanent material, such as concrete, masonry brick or stone, stucco, aluminum or wood.

  • EPS Foam Monument Sign

    Are available in a variety of exterior surfaces including faux stone, brick, stucco and marble with a hard protective coating over an EPS foam interior. These can be designed with a variety of sign faces, including sandblasted or routed HDU, aluminum, acrylic or exterior grade PVC panels with dimensional or vinyl letters and logos.

  • Pylon Sign

    A freestanding sign typically in excess of eight feet in height that is detached from a building and is supported by one or more structural elements architecturally similar to the design of the sign.

  • Pole Sign

    A freestanding sign typically in excess of six feet in height that is detached from a building and is supported by one or two structural posts.

At Signs Of Significance, we think of ourselves as a Project Management business working in the Sign Industry. We invite you in to our studio for a design consultation with Atlanta’s top sign design team.

We will listen and collaborate together on your vision, gather appropriate data covering budget and timing requirements, review property owner signage requirements and share knowledge on city/county/municipality sign ordinances. Our team will gather all site information required to build a proposal to include all levels of required Design, Permitting, Fabrication and Installation to meet or exceed Client expectations.

If existing signage requires service, Signs Of Significance offers all types of Cleaning, Repair, Upgrades, Modifications and Retrofits.

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